From Prop Firm Traders To Prop Firm Owners

Here Is Our Story

Who We Are

Omar Agag, Palden Bhutia, and Riz Iqbal are professional day traders and entrepreneurs. Collectively, we have over 15 years of trading experience and have been actively trading the Forex Market during those years.We are a group of individuals with high integrity and values; our goal is to bring the best product and service to help transform trader’s lives!

Our Mission

Our trading truly excelled when we started to utilize prop firms in 2022, allowing us to become 6 and 7 figure traders.The success we had with prop firms inspired us to take things into our own hands and create the Skilled Funded Traders. We know that we have the best insights in the industry as we have taken multiple prop firm challenges and have receivedmultiple prop firm payouts. As professional prop firm traders, our goal is to make sure that we create the best product and conditions for the trader to ensure that they have the best tools to succeed!Prop firm trading really has changed our lives, so we are committed to changing the lives of others through Skilled Funded Traders.

Meet The Owners


I have been a trader and entrepreneur for the last 5 years. I am excited to use my experience in the trading world and business to help create the best product and experience for our traders here with Skilled Funded Traders!

Riz Iqbal

Has been trading for 7 years. Leveraged prop firms to go full time. Host of the fastest growing trading podcast – Words of Rizdom. Passionate about helping others.


Started trading in 2019. Since then have been able to amass large sums of capital to trade with and withdrew multiple 6 figures from the markets. My goal is to help and inspire others to achieve what I have with the help of prop firms. However, not just with any prop firm but one that genuinely cares about the growth of its traders and is always coming up with new ideas in favor of the traders.